October 05, 2019

We are super excited to announce our new product creation feature.

This feature combined with our customization tool is something that will help your store take off this holiday season.

Combined with the best POD pricing, you have some serious potential to cash in during the 4th quarter.

More about this feature...

In seconds you can create new customizable and personalized products in your Shopify store that your customers can immediately purchase.

We call them templates.

Here is an example...

Let's say I have this awesome pattern that would look great on a phone case.

Since we know personalization adds value to products let's also make this a personalized item.

Using the Customized app I can now easily create this personalized product in seconds. Check out the video on the top of this page to see how easy it is!

You can see the product it created and try it out for yourself clicking here.

Imagine the possibilities here...

You can create templates with patterns and text as we just showed. But you could also create templates that prompt your customer to upload photos.

Your opportunities to sell are limited only by your imagination.

This feature is available in PRO accounts now.

Want to try it out? Pro accounts have a 7 day trial for you to try this new feature out for yourself.