September 24, 2020

See how Customized and Printify compare in the print-on-demand space.

Customized is up to 40% cheaper

Customized is a bootstrapped company with a team of hungry entrepreneurs. Being bootstrapped allows Customized to offer the same exact products as Printify at a much lower price. Printify has a bloated team of salaried employees as well as investors. These overhead costs get passed onto you the storeowner.

Of course, reduced pricing allows you as the storeowner to be more aggressive on pricing and maximizing your profits.

Customized is based in the USA

Customized is based in Columbus, OH.  Printify is a Latvian based company.

Customized has a built in customizer for you and your customers

Customers demand the ability to customize and personalize items. In fact, personalization can help you increase the perceived value of an item by as much as 40%. With Customized, you get a world-class customizer built into your store out for FREE. Your customers can add text, photos and much more to print-on-demand products. Printify can't do that.

Customized is built on new tech

Customized has built their business using advanced automations and machine learning to assist store owners with issues. The result is faster response times and more efficient order processing.