Ordering a Sample

The best way to order a sample is ordering through your own store. This allows you to see the end-to-end process as your customers would.

We recommend following these steps:

  1. Order a custom product from your store by visiting yoururl.com/pages/customize .Replace the red text with your store URL.
  2. To avoid charging yourself, create a 100% discount code that you can use on your storefront. You can create a 100% discount in Shopify Admin -> Discounts.
    Note: you may need to update your shipping policy to give free shipping to $0 orders.
  3. Once you have placed your order go to the Customized app from Shopify Admin -> Apps.
  4. Within the Customized app go to Orders page.
  5. Set the order to "Ready" status.
  6. Click "Process Orders" button